Affiliate Wallet

Become a R&R Naturals Affiliate and start accepting Budcoin.

Are you tired of paying high interest rates and transaction fees.  Simply don’t want to have to deal with a limiting CC processing company.  Then there is a better payment option,  The Budcoin.  The Budcoin is a free processing option for the CBD Cannabis Industry.  The process is simple.  Your customers will purchase Budcoin off the website.  Those Budcoins will be held on their e-wallet.  Once they have Budcoins on their wallets and want to purchase products from you they simply transfer the designated amount of Budcoin to you and complete the transaction.

Budcoins will register onto your Affiliate Merchant e-wallet and convert into dollars.  Those dollars will then be deposited into your linked bank account.  The process only takes seconds and is completely free.  No more middle man, no more high interest rates and no more transaction fee or hidden cost.  If this is a payment option you would like to offer please complete the form below and reserve your Affiliate Merchant e-wallet now.  There are only 500 Affiliate Merchant e-wallets available so please RSVP yours today.
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